Avant Garde is one of India’s leading business conglomerates based out of Kolkata. It has a presence in Financial Services, Real Estate & Infrastructure Development, Oil Refining, Information Technology, Engineering and Textiles. Focusing on latest technologies and inventions, the Group has not only acquired a nationwide success but also marked its stand in Columbia, South America.

Avant Garde is engaged in continuous endeavor to improve their Brand potential by synergizing different business domains. Now they are venturing into the space of Renewable Energy, which has a great potential in the country.

They devote the success of the organization to the ability to provide sustaining quality service and maintaining economies of scale. One of the most important beliefs at Avant Garde is that the diversified growth is at the forefront of all the future plans and they intend to widen the products and services domestically as well as globally.

Core Values of the Group
  • Believe in collaboration and teamwork between business units, business areas and throughout the organization.
  • Believe in work environments that encourage and perpetuate empowerment, professional and financial expansion, entrepreneurial and technical freedom and operational objectivity.
  • Will at all times abide by the highest standards of ethical business conduct.